“So I just finished my workout, it's Arms day baby!! But my elbows are hurting. I do have sensitive joints, yes, but my elbows have never hurt after an arms workout. Could it be that I'm starting to use heavier weight? Or that my posture is wrong? I know you can't physically see what I'm doing but any ideas would help!! :)”


Arms dizayyyy! Build those Bi-Triz!

Did you do a different arm exercise today that you normally don’t?
Going heavier could definitely be the culprit here with a combination of bad movement mechanics.

Get back to me on the question and I’ll have some recommendations for you! What if I had a submission for form videos that you could submit and I could dissect your workout for you? Would that help? or shoot me an e-mail, "management@ZeeksFitFreaks.com" and put some video from your next arm workout in there!

Lift Life!

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