Perfect Mentality Example

I’m going to have a quick 15 second Insta video later on today. 
It’s a perfect example of our Mentality and how we can control it.

We control our reactions to everything.

I could have totally flipped a lid last night and today but I’m just rolling with the punch and smiling my way through it.

Meal Replacement Question from a FitFreak

I think there is a lot of students out there with a similar question. This will depend drastically on your lifestyle.

One of my rules of thumb to follow with health/fitness/life that I tell my clients=»

You’re not the BOSS, I’m not the BOSS, your body is the BOSS! Listen to it!


=»Hey, Zeek. How ya doing? Lately I’ve been losing weight and I literally have like .00000004 pounds of muscle so I’m worried it’s deteriorating. And with school it’s harder to keep up the exercise and eating enough… Do you think it’s worth it to take meal replacement supplements? It seems a little drastic but my appetite dropped as well.

=»I’m honestly not a big proponent of meal replacements. Nothing can replace the nutrients you get in whole food.

However if you really think this is the route to take, by all means I trust your judgement. I would recommend a trial time though. Don’t commit to it for too long without saying, “I’ll try this for a week and then look back on my week and make sure this is going to be appropriate for me.”

Does this help? It’s a tough question because it’s going to depend on a lot of things and I don’t want to give you an outright answer because I can’t sit down face to face with you and have a consultation. 

Get back to me please, I want to know what you think and how it works out.
Lift Life!

“Opening up your own gym?! That is SO amazing, I am so happy for you!! :) You should be extremely proud of yourself. Because you are someone who is actually educated in your field, and have this great mix of compassionate and motivational qualities. Do you know how many people you have already helped and will be helping?! A lot. But most importantly, make sure YOUR soul is always satisfied. Helping others means nothing if it isn't leaving you room for you. You can find the balance homie 😎💪👊”


Thank you very much! I really appreciate the kind words. It’s an exciting new chapter in my life. I completely agree…I can’t help others unless I’m healthy. 

and…..Ain’t nobody got time for thattttt!

I appreciate you! 
Lift Life!

It’s been a rough one

One thing I want to do on this blog is always be real. ZFF is growing rapidly and I’m building a team to grow the content and get a YouTube channel going.

I’m also working on opening up a gym in my area. These are two of the biggest things going on in my life right now but on top of these, there is plenty more things that can weigh down on my shoulders.

This last week has been interesting because I have had the most bi-polar attitudes. I have more things going on than I ever have in my life. On top of it, I always have to be functioning at my best because that’s what is expected of me. 

I can tell you one thing I haven’t made time for this week and that’s time for myself. The 30 minutes to an hour a day that I NEED to pray/meditate, and breathe.

I’m human just like everyone else and I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life but today I had to pull myself back and really focus on my health.

I’m about to go get a workout in and just have fun. I’m not going to focus on all the to-do’s of today but just focus on having fun. I actually do love working out but this week I let it become a chore. 

Whatever is going on in your life this week, take a minute to step back and give yourself what you need. Don’t be so hard on yourself, today may be the last day you have on this earth. Do you want to go out with that frown on your face? 

I refuse to go out like that….Keep smiling ; )) You control your joy

Lift Life!

Awhile ago i asked what 3 things you need if you’re in a bad mood…I tallied a few answers up and The Two Awards are as follows=»Most Inspirational Award goes too…. aubernutterThe Most Creative Award goes too… @theoriginalswanksterThanks for all the replies guys!aragonj01 @fruitasticcharlotte completelycaroline un-derlying bakaduckie @holdingwater @veganveela pu-shupsandkal-e @viahajer @strawberries-in-the-shire @blissyfuldays busy-busybusyLift Life!

Awhile ago i asked what 3 things you need if you’re in a bad mood

I tallied a few answers up and The Two Awards are as follows=»

Most Inspirational Award
goes too…. aubernutter

The Most Creative Award 
goes too… @theoriginalswankster

Thanks for all the replies guys!
aragonj01 @fruitasticcharlotte completelycaroline un-derlying bakaduckie @holdingwater @veganveela pu-shupsandkal-e @viahajer @strawberries-in-the-shire @blissyfuldays busy-busybusy

Lift Life!

I want your blood!

I downside of giving blood, you can’t workout that day! Haha

Other than not workin’ out today, it another beautiful and blessed day!

I’m wishing all of you FitFreaks an amazing day full of happiness, energy, and cheat mealsssss!!! ;)

“Quit, never, and can’t are words that you should never use again. Just like fat, you can shred those words from your vocabulary and seek your personal greatness!”

“Jemma! Would you be able to post some of your favorite male blogs you follow?? I don't follow enough good looking boys. (ps - you're really pretty :))”



Anon! Ohh this is so hard, but I hear ya, I follow like a billion girls. Ya’ll are goddesses. But okay. (and thankyou <3)


<3 all super great :) 

Thanks Jemma!

Lift Life!


If you&#8217;re not dripping, you&#8217;re not working hard enough!


If you’re not dripping, you’re not working hard enough!

“Hi Zeek, i just read your post about grace. Ive done a lot of anon asks in the past year, and i dont always reply with much more than thank you. I just wanted you to know that i am grateful to you, and the lack of response is mainly due to the fact that its been really hard to follow through on the advice and i feel bad and embarrased about it. Its been a rough year. But i just wanted to tell you thank you and that i am grateful. Youre an awesome person, God Bless.”


This just made my week…

I appreciate this message very much. Thanks for taking the time to write me a message.

There is one thing I need you to do though, DO NOT feel bad for not following the advice. This is part of #BetterThanYesterday

You haven’t followed the advice yet…soooo what! That was yesterday and today is a new day. 

I challenge you to do one, just one small thing better than you did yesterday. Drink one extra ounce of water, eat one more vegetable, stare at those running shoes for one more minute, wake up one minute earlier today than yesterday.

YOU CAN DO IT! and if you don’t, tomorrow is a new day and you get to try again! Isn’t that cool?! You keep getting chances to be better!

That is GRACE!

I am grateful for your honesty, kindness, and endless pursuit of your best self! God Bless you my dear friend


“HEYYY xx New FitFreak here! :D Sooo lost the amount of weight I wanted to lose and now am trying to bulk up a little bit, but it seems like I'm losing some more instead of building muscles. What am I doing wrong here?? :o”


WELCOME! I’m really happy to have you here!

I can’t tell you what you’re doing wrong if I don’t even know what you’re doing! ; ))

Give me a quick look into your average workout and give me your digits, female, weight, height etc.

Lift Life!

Juuu can do anything you want!
Your last day on this earth, what will you say?!
I cared too much of what others thought OR
“Remember that time when I stole a helicopter, killed a moose, and snowboarder Everest with no shirt!?! 😜🙌💣
It’s never too late! Make one small change today and another one tomorrow….#betterthanyesterday that’s the motto! LIFT LIFE!

Juuu can do anything you want!
Your last day on this earth, what will you say?!
I cared too much of what others thought OR
“Remember that time when I stole a helicopter, killed a moose, and snowboarder Everest with no shirt!?! 😜🙌💣
It’s never too late! Make one small change today and another one tomorrow….#betterthanyesterday that’s the motto! LIFT LIFE!

“STOP making other peoples problem’s your problem. Don’t pick it up! Leave that negative stuff on the ground to be stomped out and rained on. 1…2…3….GO!”

“Hiya xxx Okay, so I'm a girl, 5'3 and I weigh in at 68 kg (150 lbs) but I used to be 96 kg (211 lbs) My arms have always been a problem to me, since I've lost the weight, my arms began to be flappy and stuff like that, it's bothering me and making me lack some confidence when it comes to wearing short sleeves, and nothing seems to be working... Any advise? :/”


hiyaaaa back! ; )

46lbs! That’s awesome! That’s inspiring, thank you!

The fastest way to tone those arms up and shred that flab into fab is…

#1-Eat a handful of GREENS with every meal and cut 70-90% of sugar out of your diet!

#2-Hit the WEIGHTS, I’ll be releasing some workout videos in the near future and I’ll make sure to have a killer arm workout for you!

I know how crumby it can be to look in the mirror after a lot of hard work and still have a long way to go BUT aren’t you happy you started the journey?

Why not turn that frown upside down and focus on the new goal and set some milestones!?

Nothing worth accomplishing in this life is easy but it’s WORTH IT!

Keep truckin’ girl! You got this! All the #FitFreaks are behind you!


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